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Amachazuru Five Leaf Loose Tea

A powerful immune boosting adaptogenic and antioxidant herb with a vast variety of reported health benefits. Licorice sweet and grassy.
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Amachazuru Five Leaf Tea Bags

This tea is prepared from a unique herb: Gysnostemma Pentaphyllum Makino which contains over 50 kinds of panaxosideo & nearly 20 different amino acids & trace elements. Regular consumption increases the body's energy & resistance to illness.
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Big Leaf Kuding

Picked and twisted in Hainan. A cooling anti-inflammatory tea that helps treat hypertension. Also great as a weight loss aid. A bitter sweet brew.
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Empress Oolong

Top grade dark roasted rock oolong. Starts fruity and transforms to toasty and woody. Notes of roasted peaches, oaked red wine and coffee beans. A deep and rich tea.
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Black Rose

A beautifully fragrant combination of Qimen black gongfu tea scented with fresh rosebuds. Sweet and luxurious aroma of rose pairs perfectly with the deeply rich and satisfying tea.