Related health, beauty product: Classic Connoisseur Tea Explorer Gift Set

Classic Connoisseur Tea Explorer Gift Set

The ultimate tea drinker's gift for the perfect day.
Related health, beauty product: Classic Tea Tower

Classic Tea Tower

Three beautifully decorated and stackable tea tins filled with the perfect selection of finest leaf teas to enjoy throughout the day.
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Discovery Tea Tower

The complete introduction to Chinese tea with a stack of four beautifully decorated tins filled with a signature choice of White, Green, Oolong and Black teas.
Related health, beauty product: Rare Finds Tea Tower

Rare Finds Tea Tower

A connoisseur's selection of ultra rare teas in three beautifully decorated stackable tins.
Related health, beauty product: Sensation Tea Tower

Sensation Tea Tower

A selection of 3 of our most popular signature blends created for both flavour and function. All natural.

We think that tea makes an original, surprising gift to encourage a healthy start to the new year.

We have a beautiful range of cast iron and glass teapots- paired with a delicious loose tea, this makes a lovely gift.

Or check out our tea tower set gift packages- a combination of teas presented in our beautiful stackable tea tins.

CLASSIC tea tower set (£9.95)- a selections of three teas for breakfast/lunch/dinner.

SENSATION tea tower set (£9.95)- an exotic combination of teas to share with a loved one, specifically designed to excite the senses.

TRANQUILITY tea tower set (£12.95)- a perfect combination of soothing teas for those who need to unwind and relax. Each tea has been selected for its superior taste and low caffeine content.

OCCASION tea tower set (£12.95)- three different teas to be drunk before, during and after dinner- the traditional Chinese way.

DISCOVERY tea tower set (£14.95)- four different varietals of tea, ideal for those interested in discovering more about tea.

RARE FINDS tea tower set (£14.95)- a great gift for those who are more tea connaisseurs and want something extra unique. Hand picked from remote sources, this stunning selection of three teas is guaranteed to wow the most fussy tea lovers.

CONNOISSEUR TEA EXPLORER GIFT SET (£25.95)- a range of classic premium teas presented in our classic tea tower with our signature Connaisseur tea brewer and decanter.

Last Updated: November 24, 2011


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