Related health, beauty product: Amachazuru Five Leaf Loose Tea

Amachazuru Five Leaf Loose Tea

A powerful immune boosting adaptogenic and antioxidant herb with a vast variety of reported health benefits. Licorice sweet and grassy.
Related health, beauty product: Amachazuru Five Leaf Tea Bags

Amachazuru Five Leaf Tea Bags

This tea is prepared from a unique herb: Gysnostemma Pentaphyllum Makino which contains over 50 kinds of panaxosideo & nearly 20 different amino acids & trace elements. Regular consumption increases the body's energy & resistance to illness.

Make Amachazuru Five Leaf tea your morning cuppa!

People in the mountainous regions of Southern China drink Amachazuru as an energizing agent both before work to increase endurance and strength, and after work to relieve fatigue. This unique, caffeine-free tea contains over 50 kinds of panaxosideo and 20 different amino acids and trace elements, also making it an anti cancer and immune booster too!

Drink Qi tonic with lunch!

This potent herbal tonic contains White Ginseng and Astragalus Root- both traditionally used to boost energy levels, awareness and concentration. It also includes Royal Jelly, full of nutritious vitamins, amino acids and trace elements- all excellent to maintain good health.

Take Qi buzz herbal supplement capsules!

These convenient capsules are a unique blend of Chinese herbs designed to boost energy levels and put a spring in your step. The key ingredient includes pure American White Ginseng to treat fatigue, increase immunity to illness and focus the mind.

If you're still feeling tired, come into the clinic and see a doctor for free health advice. Acupuncture is renowned in its ability to boost the body's energy levels.

And if you're scared of needles, tuina massage is also highly effective and will get your blood flowing. With just 10 minutes of this powerful deep tissue Chinese massage, we guarantee you will feel a huge difference.

Last Updated: January 16, 2012


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