Related health, beauty product: Jasmine Face Mask

Jasmine Face Mask

A deliciously scented ultra hydrating face mask designed to instantly quench dry skin. Packed full of moisturisers & natural floral revitalisers. One refreshing treatment will restore your skin's natural elasticity leaving it feeling soft.
Related health, beauty product: Su Jok Massage Rings

Su Jok Massage Rings

Simply roll the rings up & down the length of each finger & toreceive an incredibly invigorating sensation. These special rings are designed for the self-massage of acupoints on fingers and toes.
Related health, beauty product: Eastern Sunrise

Eastern Sunrise

Highest grade blossoming tea. The green tea bud opens to reveal a red amaranth and yellow blossom. A light, floral and refreshing infusion with a smooth finish.

We've come up with a range of unusual stocking fillers to suit even the tightest budget...

AMARANTH STAR (£1.65) is perfectly festive and a healthy treat. Drop the star in hot water and watch the tea leaves unfold.

BLOSSOMING TEA (£5.50). This best selling tea is a guaranteed pleaser. Drop a ball into hot water and watch the flower blossom. Each pack contains five balls.

PLANT SERUM FACE MASK (£3.36) This convenient cloth face mask comes in a choice of heavenly jasmine or vitamin packed papaya.
HERBAL FOOT BATH (£2.50) and HERBAL BODY BATH (£3.40) are great beauty treats at a low price.

SUJOK RINGS (£2.95). This innovative self massage ring is highly addictive! Each pack contains 2 rings.

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