Here's my favourite of 2016. What's yours?  


Every December I take a moment from the mad Christmas rush to review our tea findings of the year and select my tea of the year. This is not easy because if I did not love any of our teas I would not buy them! But I enjoy the challenge (yes I am one of those people that enjoys asking and answering annoyingly difficult questions like which dish you would choose to eat for the rest of your life on a Desert Island).

The popular vote goes to AMBER GABA. This gorgeous honeyed oolong has been our best seller in 2016 with clients stocking up at the mere suggestion that we are running out of stock.

But my tea of the year has to have a personal attachment to 2016 and so I won’t pick any tea that wasn’t discovered in 2016.


OK so here are the runners up:

JADE SWORD – Finally found a truly great Anji Bai Cha without a stupid price tag. Rich and delicate and full of umami savoury sweetness, this tea has become an instant favourite.

BLOOM BUSTER – Getting a Lao Ban Zhang Gushu is not so easy. Getting one that naturally tastes of Jasmine and Orchid with a fragrant Hui Gan is even harder. I love this tea so so much.

AMETHYST GABA – Our craziest tea offering and a bit of a gamble but the response has been amazing with people falling in love with the dark, smooth tarry taste.

DUCK SH*T – We tried many and finally found a class act full of almond and cherry. If you had asked a couple of months ago this would have been my tea of the year.

TIE LUO HAN – It has not been released at the time of writing but this is a cracker – everything that you would want from a Da Hong Pao and more. Stay tuned for this one!


So the winner? Well it is not the best business decision (as we have practically sold out of it) but my choice is GLEAMING BROW. Not because it is one of the most expensive and hard to find teas in the world and not solely because it tastes ridiculously good with dark chocolate, rose and longan. This is the winner because tasting it brought back sweet memories of my father.

The last time I tasted those flavours was a wonderful moment with my family as we had a Gong Fu Session together. I remember us all fighting to smell the leaves and sharing a precious couple of hours tasting this tea. This tea made us all forget our work and our worries and brought us to the present as we enjoyed this beautiful brew together.

For that precious moment I will always be thankful and for this tea to bring those memories flooding back…… well I couldn’t have picked anything else really.


My tea of the year – GLEAMING BROW

What was your tea of the year? Let us know on our Facebook wall


Warm regards to you and yours – have a session together and make memories.


Last Updated: December 11, 2016


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