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When we went searching for fresh Gushu PuErh this year we tasted across the province of Yunnan to find our leaves. We must have tasted about 20 different Gushu pickings and, after many blind tastings (we don’t want price or origin to affect our decisions) we selected four teas. Obviously we chose according to how much we enjoyed them individually however our selection was equally based on their flavours being different from each other.

Imagine our surprise then when we unveiled the winners and found out that three of the four came from the same Bulang mountainous area! One is creamy and warming (CONE BANDIT), another is floral and sweet (BLOOM BUSTER) and another is fruity and zesty (PIP KILLER).

This proves that different fields on the same mountain produces very different tasting tea. It proves that the multitude of small factors which makes up the concept of Terroirs plays a big role in tea.

So to celebrate this exploration of Terroirs in tea we have released the DINOSAUR GUSHU EXPERIENCE giftset. The entire collection of the three Bulang Mountain Gushu cakes with a bamboo tea inspection tray and a Sandalwood PuErh pick to break into your cakes.

So if you know of any PuErh lover (including yourself!) then this is a winner of a present - I am actually giving one to myself : )

To find out more or drink along while watching us taste these teas WATCH THIS VIDEO!

Go Gushu!


PS. The fourth PuErh tea we selected became YOUNG GUSHU 2016 from Xigui village.

Last Updated: December 08, 2016


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