Related health, beauty product: Amachazuru Five Leaf Loose Tea

Amachazuru Five Leaf Loose Tea

A powerful immune boosting adaptogenic and antioxidant herb with a vast variety of reported health benefits. Licorice sweet and grassy.
Related health, beauty product: Fire Phoenix

Fire Phoenix

Quality cooked Pu'Erh from Menghai in Yunnan. Earthy, strong and smooth - the perfect digestif. Contains natural tea statins, compounds which lower cholesterol levels and protect heart.
Related health, beauty product: Frozen Summit Oolong

Frozen Summit Oolong

Special grade heavily roasted Dong Ding. Flavours shift on the tongue from buttery, dark baked biscuits to spiced pear sweetness. Astoundingly long finish.
Related health, beauty product: Imperial Green - Pre Qing Ming

Imperial Green - Pre Qing Ming

Pre Qing Ming 2016 harvest of one of China’s most loved green teas. Lush and aromatic with satisfying vegetal notes of cut grass and asparagus with toasted hazelnuts.
Related health, beauty product: Monkey Picked Tea

Monkey Picked Tea

A delicate, large leaf variety Green tea. Orchid fragrance, aloe vera and zucchini bright notes and a nutmeg spiced soy milk creaminess.

At chinalife we've shipped tonnes of tea. As more and more people are coming to us in search of finest teas, many ask us which are the top sellers. So, here is the countdown of our 5 best-selling teas, along with suggestions of perfectly delicious less discovered tea to try.

5. River High This is one of our oldest standing teas that remains extremely popular.  A sweet and exotic combination of finest oolong and ginseng leaves. A dry tea with subtle tropical fruity under-tones and unique flavour.

If you like this then try: Frozen Summit  A deluxe Grand Cru oolong from Taiwan. Heavily roasted for a rich and roasted flavour with an incredibly complex, shifting flavour from fresh to creamy and nutty to sweet.

4. Dragon Pearl A classic tea favourite with our customers because of its intense Jasmine aroma and fresh, clean green tea taste.

If you like this then try: White Jasmine Our most intensely fragranced Jasmine infused up to seven nights with fresh Jasmine flowers. Very delicate white silver needle tea provide a light and elegant tea flavour.

3. Imperial Green This rare and exclusive tea has a satisfyingly delicious, refreshing flavour of cut grass and slightly toasted nuttiness that make it universally loved.

If you like this then try: Monkey Picked Tea Unique green made from large leaves of a specific cultivar in Taiping village. This is consistently voted one of China's top ten teas. Its large leaves carry a more creamy, spiced and smoky flavour.

2. Amachazuru Our most popular herbal is the perfect health drink with a multitude of benefits including your immune system and circulation.

If you like this then try: Wild Bitter Tea A beautifully bitter sweet flavour tea made from tiny leaves from the Kuding plant. Renowned as an anti-hypertensive tea. One cup and you will be mesmerised.

1. Fire Phoenix A perfectly earthy and refreshing cooked Pu Erh tea from Yunnan. Renowned for its cholesterol busting properties and the perfect after dinner drink.

If you like this then try: Ruby Red A completely unique red tea from Taiwan made from the Ruby cultivar. Lighter and sweeter than a Pu Erh with menthol and eucalyptus notes. A great digestif tea.

Last Updated: September 14, 2013


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