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Finum Medium Brewing Basket

The simplest way to brew loose leaf tea directly in a mug.
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Durable clear tea mug which shows off the colour of your tea to perfection.
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Simplest way to make perfect tea: Pour loose tea into brewer, fill brewer with hot water, close lid and allow to infuse. When brewed to your taste, push button to release and decant tea. Pour tea to serve. Tea leaves are ready for next infusion.

Everyday we are asked the best way to brew our artisan tea. So we've sat down and designed an accurate but easy-to-use guide to brewing tea properly and making the absolute most of it. Click here to download it. Read on to see why this guide should be your starting point to a perfect cup of tea:



If you want to brew tea simply, the brewing chart shows you how to do it properly using the 'Western Brewing' style. As the guide clearly shows, you could be just 90 seconds away from the perfect cup of tea. Go!



The Chinese 'Gong Fu Brewing' style is the traditional way to fully appreciate the rich flavour of a loose leaf tea has to offer. This is achieved by using more leaf, brewing for a shorter period and re-infusing the tea to enjoy the flavour of every infusion. Pick your favourite tea and use our chart to check the correct number of infusions and the steeping time. Browse our selection of authentic Gong Fu teaware and watch as we simply show you how to do it.




Our chart shows you how to brew all types of tea from white to pu’erh and everything in between.



Don't make the common mistake of ruining your tea's flavour by scalding the leaf with boiling water, instead, take a quick look at our chart which shows the correct temperature of water for your chosen tea.



To help you get the best flavour, our chart shows the correct amount of tea you should put into a 300ml mug or a 150ml teapot (found in a traditional tea ceremony set). If you can't measure out 2.5 grams of tea, just look at the drawing of a mug/teapot next to the type of tea you want and use the visual clue provided. For example, 2 grams of white tea in a mug looks different from 2 grams of green tea in the same mug.

See? The differences between drawings in our chart are deliberate and were designed to reflect the actual difference between the size and shape of the various tea leaves. The drawings indicate literally how much tea you should put in your mug or pot.


tea leaves



Whether you want to discover the subtle differences in flavour between the first and umpteenth infusions, or simply make your pack of tea last as long as possible, our chart shows you how many infusions your tea offers.


tea brews



To get the most out of your tea, our brewing chart tells you how long you brew your leaves for the first and any other infusions for Western and Gong Fu style tea brewing.



Did you know that you should rinse some tea leaves before brewing so that the tea tastes more fresh? There is also information about the best level of water pH for optimum tasting tea.

Personal tastes in tea vary so please use this as a starting point for making your perfect tea. This chart is here to make your journey into the world of the real leaf enjoyable and easy.

Last Updated: October 11, 2013


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