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Each pouch will make at least 10 cups of high strength herbal tisane.






Infuse one heaped teaspoon in 300ml boiling water for 2-5 minutes (depending on desired strength). Strain (ideally with a FINUM BASKET BREWER) and drink while warm.



Ingredients / Materials:

Astragalus, Poria, Salvia Root, Semen Coicis, Chinese Yam.




For more detailed descriptions of the properties of these herbs, please consult a Materia Medica.



these herbs are sold for making a hot drink or for use in cooking and are not intended to treat any medical condition.

<![CDATA[Jade Sword (Pre Qing Ming)]]> http://chinalifeweb.com/shop/product/tea-ajgc/ http://chinalifeweb.com/shop/product/tea-ajgc/ Sat, 02 Jul 2016 18:02:49 GMT Season: Pre Qing Ming Spring (picked March 25th 2016)

Cultivar: Bai Ye Yi Hao

Origin: Anji County, Zhejiang, China

Picking: Bud and on or two young leaves

Elevation: 850m



The reputation of this tea is so high that top quality Anji Bai Cha sells at eye-wateringly exorbitant prices. The farmers can justify these prices because the tea is so loved that it is snapped up by rich Chinese tea lovers (and show offs!). The tea is so revered that even 2nd or 3rd grade Anji Bai Cha sells at an overinflated price.


Despite the fact that we LOVE this tea, we have not bought any for over 10 years because of this extra snob value which is added to the price. But this year we spoke to our long term partner in Anji and convinced him to sell us 2kg of the top grade Anji Bai Cha for 'friends' prices.


This tea is made from the milky, green buds and young leaves from the Bai Ye or 'White' tea varietal. The Song Dynasty Emperor Huizong was a great tea lover and proclaimed (in his 900 year old book 'Da Guan Cha Lun') that his favourite tea was from the 'White' tea varietal that sprouts pale white jade coloured leaves. In the 1980's, old tea trees matching this description were discovered in Anji County and some people believe that these were the tea trees to which the Emperor was referring.


All Anji Bai Cha should be made from plants which were propagated from these ancient mother trees.


The varietal does not produce as much chlorophyll as other varietals at low temperatures and therefore if farmers pick in very early spring (end of March) they have buds and leaves which are pale lime green and yellow. If the leaves are picked later in April or May (when the temperature is above 25 celsius), then the leaves have more chlorophyll and the flavour profile is compromised. This makes 2nd grade Anji Bai Cha.


This tea was picked on 25th March 2016 from the original Anji Plantations.


Despite being made from 'White' tea varietals, this is a GREEN tea as it goes through the same processing as other greens to make an unoxidised tea.


Anji Bai Cha is very rich in Theanine giving the tea a characteristic vegetal taste and calming sensation.



1. EYES DRY LEAF – Straight shape, whole buds and young leaves. Lime green and yellow with richer green tones.

2. NOSE DRY LEAF – Spring meadows and a light blueberry fruitiness.

3. EYES LIQUOR –  Pale lemon yellow.

4. NOSE WET LEAF – Asparagus and spinach notes with spring meadows.

5. MOUTH TEXTURE –  Medium body with slight brothiness.

6. MOUTH TASTE – Freshly mowed grass and vegetal asparagus umami (from amino acids) which becomes sweet and coating. Brighter meadow flower notes with refreshing starfruit and a delicate pumpkin seed milkiness.

7. NOSE EMPTY CUP – Spring air with some gentle minerality.

8. MOUTH FINISH – Balanced soft and refreshing with a hint of mineral dryness.

9. EYES WET LEAF – Pale, milky yellow green with darker green veins.

10. BODY SENSATION – Calming and non-jittery with mood enhancement and mental inspiration.


SESSION INFUSIONS – About 5 good infusions but can be stretched to 7 or so.




Brew about 2.5-3g of leaf per 100ml of 75-80 degree (167-175 Fahrenheit) water. Infuse for about 30 seconds and add 10 seconds for subsequent infusions.


Anji Bai Cha is great cold brewed too.

For details on correct brewing check the Tea Brewing Chart and watch the Video Guide to Brewing Tea.


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Type: Oolong

Harvest: Spring

Altitude: 1000m


A deep fired version of our Royal Peach Orcid. A medium to dark oxidised Oolong Grown on Wudong Mountain in Southern China. This is one of China's oldest and most famous teas and was first cultivated about 1000 years ago. It is made from semi-wild trees and charcoal roasted for a richer flavour. The result are long, curled, dark amber leaves which brew the most delicious tea.


This video is an extract from a longer tasting session which you can watch at https://youtu.be/7DSTUaEAcXI



Sometimes this tea is referred to as Dan Cong which literally means 'Single Bush'. But not all Phoenix Oolong is actually a Dan Cong, in fact most tea buyers will buy garden bush tea which is being sold as single bush. Similarly, any tea tree that is grown from a seed could be called Dan Cong so this name is a bit erroneous.


Whatever the details of the name, one thing is for sure, the flavour difference between garden Phoenix Oolong and true Dan Cong Phoenix oolong is remarkable. This is because of a few factors:


1. Garden tea is younger

The best tea comes from leaves that have high mineral content. The younger the tea bush the smaller the roots which means that they cannot absorb many minerals from the soil. Because the garden tea is cultivated together, each plant is competing with many neighbouring tea plants for the same minerals so they just can't get as much.


2. Variety of vegetation

Garden tea has almost no variety of vegetation. Semi wild Dan Cong however has plenty of vegetation and rocks around it. As the plant leaves fall or the rain filters through the rocks the soil is enriched with more variety of nutrients for the tea to absorb. This allows the tea to take on some of the characteristics of the nearby fruit trees flowers and rocks.


3. Harsher environment

The semi wild Dan Cong Phoenix Oolong grows on steep and rocky mountains. This puts the plant under stress which means that the tea grows slowly. The slower the growth the richer the mineral content in the leaves making a more powerful and fragrant drink.


Because of the genetic variation and the rich diversity of the vegetation, true Dan Cong Phoenix Oolong has a large variety of flavour profiles. Tea farmers have tried to define them in groups  pomelo flower, magnolia, ginger flower etc. This tea is Honey Orchid aroma.


Our Phoenix Orchid Oolong is made from true Dan Cong semi wild trees that are approximately 50-100 years old. With this mineral rich raw material the tea is processed by hand for a few days:


1. Outdoor withering - to begin to reduce moisture and allow flavour compounds to interact as the cell walls begin to breakdown.

2. Indoor withering - to slowly reduce moisture for further flavour development.

3. Oxidation - over about 12 hours the leaves are alternately shaken by hand in bamboo containers and left to sit and oxidise. The process is repeated up to 6 times until exactly the right level of oxidation is achieved. This is judged by eye and nose.

4. Pan Firing and Rolling - the leaves are heated in small batches on large hot pans to deactivate the enzyme which contributes to oxidation. They are fired at about 140 degrees then rolled by hand to breakdown the cell walls and release tea juices. They are fired again at about 120degrees and rolled again to make beautiful strip leaves that are covered in delicious leaf juices.

5. Drying and Roasting - the leaves are dried in bamboo containers over hot charcoal. They are dried at high temperature (about 80 degrees) to give a deep and thick fragrance. After cooling they are heated again at lower temperatures (50 degrees) until completely dry.


The result of all this work is a unbelievably rich, and fragrant tea full of peach, orchid and lychee. The finish is gentle but long as the minerals coat your throat and tea vapour rises for hours after drinking.



For average brewing use about 3g for 300ml of water. Use very hot good quality water (about 95 degrees). Infuse for about 90 seconds and reinfuse a few times. We recommend that you try to brew this tea Gong Fu style. Use a small pot and use 5g of tea per 150ml. Brew for about 10-20 seconds and you can reinfuse about 10-15 times. This is really a tea to savour so wait until you have some space to sit and appreciate it.


For details on correct brewing check the Tea Brewing Chart and watch the Video Guide to Brewing Tea.



Here are just a few known health benefits associated with drinking oolong tea: Lowers Cholesterol – Aids weight loss – Helps digestion.



<![CDATA[Amethyst Gaba]]> http://chinalifeweb.com/shop/product/tea-amgc/ http://chinalifeweb.com/shop/product/tea-amgc/ Tue, 31 May 2016 10:49:13 GMT If you read the tasting notes below you may be a bit apprehensive about trying this tea because it is so 'out there' but we HIGHLY recommend that you give it a try. The tea is made from the Fo Shou Cultivar (not to be confused with Fo Shou Chinese Herb made from a citrus fruit tree). This cultivar has some wild flavours and is exotic and luscious. So if you fancy having a bit of a wildcard in your cupboard then pick some up. It has already become a staff favourite!



1. EYES DRY LEAF – Tightly rolled black grey oolong with premium sorting.

2. NOSE DRY LEAF – Nutty and scorched aroma with coffee similarities.

3. EYES LIQUOR – Dark and almost purple hue.

4. NOSE WET LEAF – Powerful tarry and liquorice aroma with deep spiciness.

5. MOUTH TEXTURE –  Super smooth and soft mouthfeel and very clean finish.

6. MOUTH TASTE – Deep roasted flavour with aspects of hot stone, tarmac and dark coffee. Fleeting spices like black cardamom and a predominant nuttiness. Slight animal funkiness to it too, like walking through a farm. Has middle notes of antique rosewood. Clean and refreshing tea despite these rich flavours.

7. NOSE EMPTY CUP – Warm coffee and black liquorice.

8. MOUTH FINISH – Clean and light finish without any bitterness or astringency. Like drinking smooth mountain water.

9. EYES WET LEAF – Black and oily.

10. BODY SENSATION – Refreshing and uplifting. Stimulates gentle and cooling perspiration.


SESSION INFUSIONS – About 8 good infusions but can be stretched to 10 or so.



GABA stands for gamma-amino butyric acid, an amino acid that is one of the main neurotransmitters in your central nervous system. Neurotransmitters help nerve signals to travel between cells (neurons). The GABA chemical functions to prevent over-excitement of the nervous system by controlling the movement of signals between neurons.


GABA tea has an abundant amount of health benefits. Some would even describe GABA as a ‘super tea’.


ANTI-ANXIETY, DE-STRESS: GABA is a chemical that your body produces to keep the brain calm, control blood pressure and manage stress. High levels of GABA prevent an over-active nervous system by blocking excessive levels of nerve signal transmissions that cause anxiety-related health issues. Not enough GABA in your brain can lead to epilepsy, seizures, convulsions, Huntington’s disease and Parkinsonism.


ANTI-INSOMNIA:  GABA's calming effect can aid a deeper sleep and help combat sleep disorders. Drink an hour before bedtime.


ANTI-CANCER: GABA tea can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. In particular GABA has been studied for its ability to reduce airway-derived lung cancer.


LOWERS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: GABA is your body's own tranquilliser and is known for its role in lowering blood pressure. Please avoid if you suffer from hypotension.


PREVENTS DIABETES: GABA lowers blood sugar in your body by encouraging the production of insulin and secretion of insulin from the pancreas, preventing the risk of diabetes.


STRONG MENTAL HEALTH: GABA aids in memory retention, improves overall mental alertness and aids the development of learning abilities.


EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS: Daily consumption of GABA can be effective for neurological disorders.


STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM: GABA improves the plasma concentration helping your body to fight diseases and avert many health problems.


ANTI-AGEING: GABA tea can be used as a natural beauty supplement to prevent inflammation of the skin and improve skin elasticity, thus working as an anti-ageing agent.


HANGOVERS: Uses of GABA have included the treatment of alcohol related problems. It is great for relieving hangovers!


GROWTH: Gaba increases the production of human growth hormone (HGH) which is known to:


-Boost calcium retention
-Enhance muscle mass
-Promote lipolysis
-Raise protein synthesis in your body
-Stimulate the growth of all internal organs (excluding the brain)
-Maintain a healthy functioning of the liver
-Preserve the pancreatic islets and stimulate the immune system
-Increase energy levels
-Aid in weight loss
-Improve skin conditions
-Control the feeling of pain





To brew ball-shaped Oolong tea Western style, infuse about 3.5g (heaped teaspoon) of leaf per 300ml of 95c water for about 2 minutes. You can reinfuse up to 5 times by adding 30 seconds for every subsequent infusion.


To brew ball-shaped Oolong tea Gong fu style, infuse about 8g of leaf per 150ml of 95c water for about 20 seconds. You can reinfuse up to 8 times by adding about 5 seconds for every subsequent infusion.


For details on correct brewing check the Tea Brewing Chart and watch the 

Video Guide to Brewing Tea.


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