Our Grands Crus tea selection represents the ultimate level of tea making. Highest grade tea plants grown in the perfect terroir for the type of tea being created. Picked on exactly the right day and processed to perfection by master artisans so that from seed to cup everything has been done to make the finest version of a particular tea.

Alishan Cream

A rich and luxurious tea with honeysuckle, butter biscuit, cream, vanilla and a light sugar cane sweetness.


Bloom Buster Gushu

Gushu raw PuErh from the legendary Lao Ban Zhang village. Jasmine and lilacs. Chalky dry rock minerals with a hint of bitters switching to floral sweet throat gan.


Cone Bandit Gushu

Raw Gushu PuErh from He Kai. Brown bread ice cream and green grapes. The tiniest of front of tongue bitterness leading to juicy jasmine and cantaloupe sweetness.


Empress Oolong

Dark roasted Wuyi Yan Cha (rock oolong). Charcoal caramel leading to cranberry juice soaked wood. Vanilla whisky, fresh tobacco and ripe apricots.


Frozen Summit Oolong

Special grade heavily roasted Dong Ding. Flavours shift on the tongue from buttery, dark baked biscuits to spiced pear sweetness. Astoundingly long finish.


Gleaming Brow

Highest grade Wuyi tea picked only a few days per year. Turkish delight notes of rose and cocoa, lychee fruitiness and roasted prune. Ultra soft and juicy.


Pip Killer Gushu

Powerhouse Raw Gushu PuErh from Bang Pen. Orange marmalade rising in qi and peaking in a fleeting bitterness which swiftly transforms into a sweet, green apple gan.


Superior Iron Goddess

Superior grade Anxi oolong for the most discerning tea drinker. Honeysuckle, orchid and light banana cream with a gentle spinach and grass finish.



White Crest

Our B batch of Bai Ji Guan which is NOT FOR SALE (we have to put a price but we assume noone will pay £1000!).


White Gold

True Imperial grade Dian Hong. The finest Yunnan black tea that you can get. Sweet hay with hints of cocoa, baked apples, fudge and sultanas.


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