Young spring leaves and buds picked and heated to prevent oxidation. Fresh, grassy and delicious with a variety of subtle flavours and really good for you.


Ceremonial Matcha Set - Blue

The complete set of authentic tools for the real taste of bamboo whisked matcha.


Ceremonial Matcha Set - Red

The complete set of authentic tools for the real taste of bamboo whisked matcha.


Dew Drop Jasmine

Mao Jian green tea infused three times with fresh jasmine flowers. Gardenia, jasmine, black liquorice and warm honey with delicate herbaceous notes.


Dragon Pearl Jasmine

Hand rolled five times infused jasmine Green tea. Ripe strawberries, jasmine, orchid and dry stone leading to summery warm meadows.


Grand Genmaicha

Steamed sencha combined with toasted rice. Marine rocks, green grass and breakfast cereal leading to a nutty nougat sweetness.



Green Coil Tea

A fragranced and lively green tea with apricot, elderflower notes and a floral scent.


Imperial Green - Pre Qing Ming

Pre Qing Ming 2016 harvest of one of China’s most loved green teas. Lush and aromatic with satisfying vegetal notes of cut grass and asparagus with toasted hazelnuts.


Jade Sword (Pre Qing Ming)

Top shelf grade. Pre Qing Ming picked Anji Green. Freshly mowed grass, asparagus umami, starfruit and green pumpkin seeds.


Misty Peak

Light and aromatic Anhui Green. Orchid, nocellara green olives, spinach and fresh mowed grass with a light mineral structure.


Monkey Picked Tea

A delicate, large leaf variety Green tea. Orchid fragrance, aloe vera and zucchini bright notes and a nutmeg spiced soy milk creaminess.


Mountain Green

Yellow mountain Green with a warming, thick and brothy profile. Cooked artichoke, cucumber, wet grass and botanical bitters.


Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea

Very high grade organic matcha sourced from Shizuoka in Japan. Stone ground to under 10 microns and extremely rich in antioxidants.


White Monkey

Green tea from the Taimu mountains in Fujian province. Light, bright and sweet tea with a grassy, vegetal flavour and mellow mouthfeel.


Yabukita Sencha

Early spring picked Japanese steamed tea. Bright yellow liquor which is thick and brothy. Lemon, asparagus and green beans. Savoury to sweet interplay.


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