Chinese medicine may have developed over the past 3000 years,

but it is perfectly suited to modern living. Discover our simple, convenient and incredibly effective solutions to staying healthy amongst the stresses and strains of a busy lifestyle.


Chinese medicine is a powerful and natural way to take care of yourself and treat common physical, mental and emotional problems. We have used over 3 decades worth of clinical knowledge and the finest doctors to create a range of pure herbal tonics that can be easily absorbed into your busy lifestyle. Getting healthy needn't be hard work.


Grander Water brings you the freshness and vitality of water at its source.


Stimulate acupressure points for good health, soothe tired muscles, breakdown cellulite and find the ancient Chinese solution to younger looking skin with our unique range of self massage tools.


The power of music to soothe, heal and excite is well known. Explore our handpicked selection of inspiring, relaxing and therapeutic sounds.

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