Simple ways to make perfect tea.


Beautiful tea pet which changes colour whenever you offer it hot tea.


Chinese Tea Strainer - Infuser

Chinese Tea Strainer - Infuser (Super Fine Mesh) used for traditional tea ceremony and brewing in a cup.


Cold Brew System

Drink cold brewed tea or filtered water on the go with our cold brew system.


Connoisseur Glass Tea Brewer and Decanter

Simplest way to make perfect tea: Pour loose tea into brewer, fill brewer with hot water, close lid and allow to infuse. When brewed to your taste, push button to release and decant tea. Pour tea to serve. Tea leaves are ready for next infusion.


Connoisseur Tea Set Bundle

SPECIAL OFFER: Connoisseur Tea Brewer bundled with one Large Double Walled Glass tea cup. Normal value is £23.25 excl VAT. Hurry while stocks last.


Finum Medium Brewing Basket

The simplest way to brew loose leaf tea directly in a mug.


Glass Gaiwan

Simple and practical 180ml glass Gaiwan.


Glass Tea Pot Strainer

Glass tea strainer for the Elegance tea pot


Gong Fu Glass Pot

The essential 250ml Gong Fu Glass Pot


Gong Fu Guru

The ultimate pro-level tea brewing set made according to our tea master's design. Contains everything required to brew tea like a tea guru.



No-nonsense, high quality brewing straight to cup.


Matcha Bowl (blue)

Handcrafted large Chawan with wave edges.


Matcha Scoop

The perfect traditional scoop for Matcha.


Matcha Whisk

The traditional way of making Matcha.


Sandalwood PuErh Pick

The indispensable tool for carefully breaking into tea cakes.


Sky Blue Porcelain Gaiwan

Gorgeous 150ml sky blue Gaiwan with brown rims and perfect balance of design and stability.



Stainless Steel Tea Ball Infuser

A perfect way to brew your loose tea. 4.5cm dia


T - Sac Filters size 1: 8.5cm x 6cm

100 chlorine free paper filter to be used for cups and mugs.



T - Sac Filters size 2: 11cm x 7.5cm

100 chlorine free paper filters to be used for teapots.



Tea Inspection Tray

Bamboo tray designed for preparing and inspecting tea.


Traditional Wooden Tea Scoop

Created purely from real wood, each spoon is unique.


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