A unique concept in healthy living created by chinalife. Sachets of mixed Chinese herbs and teas designed by AcuMedic clinic. Simply brew in hot water and drink or use in cooking. These teas are not intended to treat any medical condition. 

Breathe Easy Tea

Raw tisane containing a blend of herbs that work synergistically on the Respiratory System to reduce dryness, cleanse discharge and strengthen the lungs.


Eight Treasures Tea

Raw tisane containing a blend of herbs to cool excessive heat, impatience and stress and generally revitalise.


Eucommia Bark and Ku Ding Tea Blend

A mix of four herbal teas containing many nutrients and trace elements. Traditionally used to help reduce high blood pressure.10x3g sachet


Happy Heart

Raw tisane blend containing a combination of herbs which can support the Circulatory system of the body.


Mind Focus Tea

Raw tisane containing a synergistic blend of herbs to improve focus and optimise cognitive function.



Natural Beauty Tea

Blended tisane of raw herbs for promoting radiant skin from the inside. Tonifies and nourishes the body, clearing any excess imbalance which affects skin health.


Natural Resistance Tea

Raw herbal tisane containing a blend of Immune strengthening herbs that work synergistically to naturally improve resistance.


Perfect Calm Tea

Blended tisane containing a formulation of raw herbs to help unwind and calm stress. Drink regularly for sustained anti-stress benefits.


Sugar Control

Blend of raw herbs to drink as a tisane every day in order to help maintain control over blood sugar levels.


Tummy Calm Tea

Soothing tisane containing a blend of raw herbs to strengthen the digestive system and relieve irritations and bloating.


Vital Cleansing Tea

Raw herbal tisane designed to work together to strengthen the detox organs in order to assist the body to flush toxins.


Weight Release

Blended tisane containing potent, raw herbs to help achieve a healthy weight through clearing stagnancy and improving fat processing.


Winter Rescue Tea

Tisane of raw herbs designed to help relieve the symptoms of colds and flu. Relieves heat, clears phlegm, soothes hoarseness and helps to break down toxins.


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