Pu-erh tea is made with leaves from old wild tea trees of a variety known as broad leaf tea found in the mountains of southern Yunnan. The leaves are slightly different in chemical composition making it suitable for fermenting/ageing. Pu-erh is strong, complex, smooth and renowned for its fat burning and cholesterol lowering properties. There are two types of PuErh - raw (aged naturally) and cooked (processed in a temperature controlled environment to speed up ageing).


Black Yunnan Tuo

Expertly cooked compressed Pu Erh tea. Aroma of autumn leaves and a deep, earthy flavour. Great digestif. Contains natural statins, compounds which lower cholesterol.


Bloom Buster Gushu

Gushu raw PuErh from the legendary Lao Ban Zhang village. Jasmine and lilacs. Chalky dry rock minerals with a hint of bitters switching to floral sweet throat gan.


Cone Bandit Gushu

Raw Gushu PuErh from He Kai. Brown bread ice cream and green grapes. The tiniest of front of tongue bitterness leading to juicy jasmine and cantaloupe sweetness.


Dinosaur Gushu Experience

The dream present for any PuErh lover out there. All three of our exclusive Dinosaur Gushu's, a PuErh Tray and Sandalwood PuErh Pick all in a giftbox.


Fire Phoenix

Quality cooked Pu'Erh from Menghai in Yunnan. Earthy, strong and smooth - the perfect digestif. Contains natural tea statins, compounds which lower cholesterol levels and protect heart.


Pip Killer Gushu

Powerhouse Raw Gushu PuErh from Bang Pen. Orange marmalade rising in qi and peaking in a fleeting bitterness which swiftly transforms into a sweet, green apple gan.


Purple Bud

A beautiful and rare tea made from Pu Erh buds. Like walking through a hot tropical forest. Complex, woody and earthy with top notes of elderflower and pine.


Sacred Owl

Ripened Pu Erh made from 1000 year old tea trees and aged for over 5 years. Mellow, thick aged rum coloured liquor. Wet rocks and roasted red date sweetness with a juicy, mineral rich finish.



Vintage Leaf PuErh

Raw Gushu from 600 year old tea trees basket aged for 10 years in Yunnan. Whisky wood barrels, vanilla, leather, toffee apple, girolles and moss.


Young Gushu 2015

Fresh 2015 autumn Sheng from Jing Mai, made from 500 year old arbor tea trees.



Young Gushu 2016

Raw Gushu from 400 year old tea trees. Asian pear refreshment, chalky light minerals and a salty butterscotch warmth with a jasmine sweet finish.


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