Known in the West as Black tea, in China it is called Red tea because of the colour of the liquid when brewed. In the 19th Century, Red tea was used as currency in part of Asia and is still highly valued today. These are very different teas to the machine processed powder in your average tea bag. They are specially selected and processed by hand to ensure a rich, dark and potent drink with plenty of health benefits.


Black Rose

A beautifully fragrant combination of Yunnan black gongfu tea scented with fresh rosebuds. Sweet and luxurious aroma of rose pairs perfectly with the deeply rich and satisfying tea.


Bulang Black

Tribal black tea from Banzhang Mountain. Bright and creamy like blackcurrant mousse with malt and sweet hay. Structured and dry finish makes the tea very moreish.


Gleaming Brow

Highest grade Wuyi tea picked only a few days per year. Turkish delight notes of rose and cocoa, lychee fruitiness and roasted prune. Ultra soft and juicy.


Golden Bud

Glistening golden tea from Yunnan. A rich, satisfying, malty flavour filling the mouth with sweet, earthy notes and hints of spice. A remarkably smooth finish. Liquid velvet.


Ruby Black

Captivating black tea unlike any other tea available. Camphor, lilacs and menthol with cinnamon sweetness leading to a quenching minerality.



Superior Keemun

Top shelf grade of a classic Anhui black. Smoke, red berries, lilacs and menthol.with a bitter chocolate finish.



White Gold

True Imperial grade Dian Hong. The finest Yunnan black tea that you can get. Sweet hay with hints of cocoa, baked apples, fudge and sultanas.


Wuyi Lapsang

The ultimate Lapsang Souchong from the Wuyi mountains of Fujian. Fresh reams of paper, chocolate, brazil nuts and a nearby campfire.


Yunnan Black

Bright, brisk, black tea balanced by warming dry hay notes and a whisper of grape. Clean and dry with a refreshing acidity on the edges of the tongue.


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