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chinalife was born in 2007 because we felt that the concept of natural healthy living with herbs and tea had, for far too long, been thrown together with images of perfectly pure people restricting themselves from indulgence. We believe that Tea and Chinese herbs are for everybody no matter if you go to yoga every day or go to the pub! You can incorporate as much or as little into your lifestyle as you wish. Finding out about the effectiveness of tea and Chinese herbs is exciting, empowering and should not be restricted only to strict devotees of natural living.

We are dedicated to offering herbal tea, tonics and skincare products that are effective and natural. We also offer everyone free guides to help all of our customers understand how they can look and feel amazing using natural solutions.

Even more amazing is that proper loose leaf tea is delicious, so being healthy can be very indulgent. Tea drinking is exactly like wine drinking (minus the hangover) with hundreds of different varietals each with their own unique flavours and aromas. We even have a lovely 1930's Shanghai inspired tea bar serving up the finest tea concoctions from pure perfectly brewed teas to freshly prepared unique tea cocktails - take a look at our bar menu.

If you want to take the healthy lifestyle one step further then we are  proud to direct you to our big sister - AcuMedic. This professional clinical organisation is the oldest, largest and one of the most renowned Chinese Medical clinics outside China. AcuMedic offers safe and effective treatment (Acupuncture, Massage, Chinese Herbs and Cosmetic therapies) for all sorts of conditions by fully qualified Chinese Medical doctors and the clinic is supervised by Western GMC doctors to offer an integrative (not alternative) approach to your health. They offer free health advice.

For any questions or enquiries, please contact us.

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