Here's what to do if you feel we offer too much choice...


Every business will receive complaints no matter how hard they try to make their offerings impeccable. One of our most common complaints is that we have too much choice and that it is overwhelming when trying to choose a tea.

I understand that feeling and there is evidence that giving too much choice to people leads to dissatisfaction as they have lingering doubts about whether they made the right choice instead of enjoying what they bought. How many times have you sat in a restaurant and looked at a menu and it all sounds good? You scan the plates being brought to your neighbours, you ask the waiter many questions and you are forced into making a decision. How much of your enjoyment of the food is affected by the lingering question of whether you may have preferred the cheese truffle pasta or that burger that everyone is getting?

Marketing people are always telling us to reduce our tea range. They tell us that we will sell as much and make life easier for our clients and ourselves – less sourcing and less options = better business.

But I am a bit stubborn.

I tell them that Mei Leaf is not about selling a range of products. It is about joining our clients on a journey of discovery and passion. It is about learning and exploring together and it is about HUNTING for that incredible batch of incredible tea that may not be found the following years. Marketing people tend to look a bit confused when I say that and walk away.

So, I am sorry if you feel that we offer too much choice, we are trying to figure out ways to make your selections easier.

But, in order to make life a little easier for you in the run up to Christmas we have created BOX SELECTIONS and TEA TOWERS containing smaller amounts of a variety of our teas for you or your loved ones to enjoy. Problem solved! Now you can give the gift of tea without having to stress about making the right choice – let your friends and family taste their way through our selections and find their own favourites (or give one to yourself).

I can highly recommend my TEA MASTER SIGNATURE SELECTION if there is too much choice : )

Happy tasting!


Last Updated: December 09, 2016


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