There is no similarity in flavour between loose-leaf tea and tea bags. Loose-leaf tea possesses an incomparable superiority of flavour. With tea bags, flavour is released from the tea all at once, leading to a less refined taste. What's more, you may find that you want to add milk and sweeteners when drinking tea made from tea bags. This is because the tannins that are found in the tea are all released at once creating a much more boring and bitter taste.


In contrast, good tea is like wine. Loose-leaf tea releases its flavours gradually, allowing you to pick up different essences of the tea with each infusion. Every cup is refined and different. If you use loose-leaf, we are sure you will be able to experience the huge variety of flavours tea has to offer. For example, the much loved oolong will give flavours ranging from floral to creamy to fruity. Oolong tea is just an example of many.




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Black Dragon Oolong

Traditional, slow roasted Oolong from Anxi county. A perfect balance of light, floral notes with deep roasted flavours. Clean yet creamy with a refreshing start and long finish.
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Eastern Beauty Oolong

Highly prized Taiwan oolong with a unique flavour profile of muscatel, honey and citrus. A satisfying oolong which has been oxidised longer giving it a sweeter delicacy similar to a darjeeling.
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Empress Oolong

Dark roasted Wuyi Yan Cha (rock oolong). Charcoal caramel leading to cranberry juice soaked wood. Vanilla whisky, fresh tobacco and ripe apricots.
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Jasmine Jade Oolong

A delicious oolong from Anxi county, scented with freshly picked Jasmine flowers. A more floral and mellow flavour compared with grassy jasmine green tea. Relaxing and uplifting.
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Osmanthus Oolong

A deliciously aromatic oolong infused with finest osmanthus flowers. The scent of sweet flowers and dried apricots gives way to a soft, grassy taste and a smooth finish.

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