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Highest grade Wuyi tea picked only a few days per year. Turkish delight notes of rose and cocoa, lychee fruitiness and roasted prune. Ultra soft and juicy.

SEASON: Spring Pre Qing Ming


CULTIVAR: A wild growing variety close to the Xingcun Xiaozhong variety


ORIGIN: Picked in the National Conservation area of Wuyi and processed in Tong Mu, Fujian, China


PICKING & PROCESSING: Bud shoots probably picked from the side of the tea bush stem. Hand rolled tea.


ELEVATION: 1500-1800m


One of the most expensive teas in China and almost impossible to find outside very special tea circles. The picking and processing of this tea is a little secretive (hence the slightly uncertain SCOPE analysis!). Buds picked pre-qing ming from wild growing, primitive tea variety, possibly from the side of the stems. Every 10g contains about 1000-1500 hand rolled buds picked from the side stem of the Wuyi Lapsang tea plant. Pinnacle quality black tea unlike any other tea being produced.



THIS TEA IS AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER. This means that we will place an order on the date shown below direct to the farmer for all those that have purchased the tea. It will be sent by air to us before being distributed to our clients. This means that it may take a few weeks from the date shown below before you receive the tea. Please be patient, we promise it will be worth waiting for. If the farmer sells out of this tea (there is a tiny supply) then we will NOT order an alternative Jin Jun Mei, instead you will receive a full refund

NEXT ORDER DATE: 1st November 2016


PLEASE BE AWARE that this Jin Jun Mei is absolutely authentic and highest quality. There are many fakes and low quality versions of this tea. If you see tea with many golden buds then this is lower quality tea (despite what the supplier may write). True, high quality Jin Jun Mei should have much fewer golden buds and not have a great deal of tea fur on the leaves. Instead the leaves should be small, dark and glossy with less than 30% golden buds.



Be very careful to brew this tea with water that is no more than 90 degrees and keep the steeping length to a minimum by using sufficient leaf to the cup (5g of leaf per 150ml of water). We realise that this tea is extremely expensive but it should be enjoyed rather than trying to use small amounts in order to keep it longer, otherwise you would not be getting the true beauty of the tea flavour. Reinfuse leaf (up to 4 times by adding 60 seconds for every subsequent infusion) and be careful to leave the wet leaves uncovered between steepings to avoid the leaf being steamed and heated for a long period which ruins the delicacy of flavour.



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