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ALISHAN CREAM - Alishan Jin Xuan


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A rich and luxurious tea with honeysuckle, butter biscuit, cream, vanilla and a light sugar cane sweetness.

Harvest: Spring

Origin: Alishan, Chiayi, Taiwan

Type: Grands Crus Oolong

Approximate Altitude: 2000m

Picked high up on Alishan mountain in Taiwan from the Jin Xuan cultivar renowned for its creamy and milky characteristics. Our tea farmers have grown this cultivar high up in the most incredible tea mountain in Taiwan - Alishan in Nantou county.  This tea is hand produced through the night over 36 hours to capture the essence of the mountain before being sent to tea roasters for a very light roasting to soften and smooth any astringency. The combination of this leaf and that environment makes a mesmerising cup of tea.


Pure, fresh and light green oolong floral, grassy and nutty flavours are luxuriously mellowed and enriched by the creamy finish of Jin Xuan to create a tea to savour. It pairs beautifully with any kind of desserts or biscuits but is perfect as a tea ceremony tea surrounded by good friends and family.




These taster bags are a great way to sample a tea without buying a larger pack. Each taster bag has enough tea leaves to brew a large family pot or can be split in half if you want to make an individual mug of tea. Do not forget to reinfuse your tea according to our brewing guide recommendations. This means that each taster bag will provide around 4-10 mugs depending on the tea selected.




To brew ball-shaped Oolong tea Western style, infuse about 3.5g (heaped teaspoon) of leaf per 300ml of 95c water for about 2 minutes. You can reinfuse up to 5 times by adding 30 seconds for every subsequent infusion.

To brew ball-shaped Oolong tea Gong fu style, infuse about 8g of leaf per 150ml of 95c water for about 20 seconds. You can reinfuse up to 8 times by adding about 5 seconds for every subsequent infusion.

For details on correct brewing check the Tea Brewing Chart and watch the 

Video Guide to Brewing Tea. 



Here are just a few known health benefits associated with drinking oolong tea: Lowers Cholesterol – Aids weight loss – Helps digestion.


chinalife STAFF PICK: Brandon – Alishan Cream


“Born and raised in Taiwan, I have been drinking Jiu Xuan (Alishan Cream) with my family for years.


The aromatic flavour and smooth finish make it accessible to everyone and suitable for all kinds of occasions. For instance, Jin Xuan is an morning elixir, gently waking me without sharply stimulating the senses like coffee.


After a sweaty gym session, the cold brewed Jin Xuan provides rereshing comfort that soothes dehydration and exhaustion.


Also, Jin Xuan's unique and subtle flavour make it perfect for desserts as it complements sugar and doesn't overwhelm the taste buds.


Its creamy taste lingers in the mouth almost like melting Brie and its smooth finish is like fresh vegetables dipped in virgin olive oil – full of delicate satisfaction.”




Now is your opportunity to try some of the highest grade tea without travelling to Taiwan or China. Our new ‘Grands Crus’ selection offers you the chance to take home some extra special teas to enjoy in the comfort of your own home among family a......

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